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What we love about Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor

According to our residents and staff, there’s a lot to love about working and living at Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor. It warms our heart to hear all these reasons that were shared with us.

"I sold my house and had to go somewhere (laughing). I like the company here and the people are friendly." – Gene Brinkman, resident for 4 years

"I love the family atmosphere, that's the best part." – Anna Robinson, staff for 11 years.

"I love our staff and our residents. Coming here to work during this pandemic was not as hard as I thought it would be because of the love we share and our determination to get through it together.” – Bethany Tackett, staff for 1 year

"The Manor has everything that I have asked for, and they take good care of me." – Gwen Spillman, resident for 6 years.

"I love the residents and the friendships that we build between each other." – Joyce Kisner, staff for 13 years

"I really love working with the staff and seeing all their smiles.” – Abigail Goeckel, staff for 7 years

“I am thankful for the wisdom the residents share with us. The trying times of this year are put in perspective by those who have been through challenging times like polio and world wars. They have remained patient and kind while we try to navigate the many changes. I am thankful for my coworkers. We are all doing tasks outside of our normal job duties. We are truly working as a team to provide the best care to our residents.” – Sheila Riedl, staff for 21 years

“I really enjoy working with everyone, including the residents. I like being helpful to them.” – Jeff Robertson, staff for 2 years

“I’m thankful for my job, my Presbyterian Manor family and friends, our wonderful residents and their families. As I reflect back over the years, I’m so thankful God has truly blessed me richly. I pray that this world will return to some sort of normalcy and we can all get back to the way it was before COVID.” – Dorothy Hladik, staff for 28 years

“I love the view from my window here at Presbyterian Manor, the food is great, and everyone is friendly and nice to one another.” – Denver Kisner, resident for 1 1/2 years

Left to right: Anna Robinson, Jeff Robertson, Sheila Riedl
Left to right: Bethany Tackett, Gwen Spillman, Joyce Kisner
Left to right: Abigail Goeckel, Dorothy Hladik, Gene Brinkman
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