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Therapist’s career is all about going the extra mile

Whether she’s managing therapy services for several Presbyterian Manor communities or taking the steps necessary to be on the leading edge of her career, Bonni Ledesma is focused on taking her career—and the therapy services Aegis Therapies® provides—to the next level.

Bonni is director of rehabilitation for Aegis Therapies in Arkansas City. But her path to get here included a few different routes along the way.

“I began work as a rehab aide for a birth to 6 [year-old] program in Wellington in 2002 while attending Wichita State University. The Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) encouraged me to apply for the SLP program at WSU, so I did that and graduated with my Bachelor’s in Communication Sciences and Disorders in 2005 and a Master’s in Communication Sciences and Disorders in 2007. I decided I should go into long-term care to see how I liked it as most of my class was going into the schools. I never looked back again,” said Bonni.

Bonni started working at Wichita and Newton Presbyterian Manors in 2007 as a Speech Language Pathologist before transferring to Arkansas City full-time in 2008.

Today, Bonni provides treatments for those with speech needs primarily in Arkansas City. She also manages and coordinates therapy services for physical, speech and occupational therapy in both the Arkansas City and Wichita Presbyterian Manors and helps out at Newton Presbyterian Manor when needed.

“I work to provide resources to the nursing staff and coordinate trainings to better serve each community,” Bonni said.

When she’s not putting the miles on her car for her job, she’s focused on going the extra mile for her patients. It’s one of the things she enjoys most about working at Aegis Therapies.

“Aegis is definitely the leader in clinical excellence and quality therapy services. I enjoy having the support in both sides of my job: PMMA and Aegis. Aegis is constantly piloting programs to keep us up to date and informed in our ever-changing industry. They provide us, as clinicians, the tools we need to provide the highest quality level of care for each community possible. That’s what makes my job so wonderful, having a company that backs me 100 percent.”

PHOTO: Bonni with her son Gage

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