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Talkin’ Turkey

Eldon Eastman’s painting on wood, titled Tom, is featured on the Art is Ageless® 2023 Calendar on the month of November. Eldon shares his inspiration behind this latest painting:

“I grew up on a farm and am still somewhat involved with its operation. From the time I was old enough until now I have never ceased to be in the wonder of nature.

“Being involved in farming and ranching, watching the seasons change, seeing the crops grow and mature along with the increase and growth of all kinds of animals has been an inspiration to me. My lifelong enjoyment of building and creating with my hands has also led me to creating in art what I see all around me almost daily.

“As off and on times permitted through the years, I have painted different subjects. The last few years I have focused on wildlife. My last effort was ‘Tom’ turkey. A fellow like this one was observed strutting in our farmyard.”

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