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Retirement promises family time for Pam Brown

Having served residents for more than 32 years, Nutrition Assistant Pam Brown recently announced that she will be retiring on April 4—a move that has her filled with a variety of emotions.

“I don’t want to retire but I know I need to retire,” said Pam. “My dad is still alive, and I want to hang out with him and my uncle.”

Pam made the decision to retire shortly after returning from a two-month visit to see her 88 year-old father and 90 year-old uncle in Iowa last fall.

“I went back in October to stay with my dad, and I just enjoyed it so much,” said Pam. “I thought, ‘they need me,’ and I knew I needed to go back.”

In addition to seeing her dad and uncle, Pam will also be using her retirement as a way to spend more time with her family in Arkansas City, which consists of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren—something that has become one of her favorite pastimes.

“My hobby is my family, said Pam.” “I just want to be with my family.

As much as Pam is looking forward to having some free time, she says she is really going to miss seeing her adopted family at the community.

“I’ll miss the residents,” said Pam. “This place has been my family. My granddaughter, my mother and my husband all passed away while I’ve been here, and the people at the community have gone through it all with me.”

Our community is going to miss her, too.

“Pam, as well as many of our longevity staff members, are such a huge part of our culture of Presbyterian Manor. Pam was one of the first staff members to welcome me to the team when I started in Human Resources in 2000. She has such a huge heart, passion and dedication for the care that we provide to our residents. Pam's knowledge and experience will be greatly missed by everyone,” said Sarah Griggs, executive director.

Among all of the things Pam is going to miss about working at the community, she says it’s the social aspect of her job that she is going to miss most.

“I’ll need some counseling because I’ll have withdrawal,” said Pam.

That said, before she walks out that door for the final time as an employee, Pam is planning on getting one last fix.

“I plan on having me a shindig on April 5 at Presbyterian Manor in the dining room,” said Pam. “Everybody is invited!”

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