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Local artist wins first place in PMMA’s Art is Ageless® competition

In July, PMMA announced that Peggy Thomas had been awarded first place in the professional painting category of the Arkansas City division of its Art is Ageless® juried art competition. In addition to a certificate—and bragging rights—Peggy’s painting, “Garden Perch,” will be featured on a spread in the 2023 PMMA Art is Ageless calendar.

Although she had participated in the competition prior to this year, this was the first time Peggy was awarded first place, which she says took her by surprise.

“I was amazed and so thankful,” said Peggy.

Peggy has been involved in art for most of her life and has experimented with a variety of materials before settling on acrylics as her medium of choice.

“My mom got me painting lessons at 15,” said Peggy. “I’ve done all different types of media, watercolor, oils … but acrylics are convenient for me—and they don’t have the odor.”

And Peggy shared that acrylics offer another very useful feature.

“With acrylic paint, it’s forgiving because you can dry and paint over it with another layer,” said Peggy.

Over the years, Peggy has developed a specific process for creating her art—one that she’s mastered through countless hours of work.

“I usually use reference photos, whether they’re from photos I’ve taken or from calendars or magazines—I can copy pretty good,” said Peggy.

In fact, Peggy has gotten so good at her process that she even does commissioned work.

“If people have a good picture that they want me to reproduce, I can,” said Peggy.

As for others who may be on the fence about trying their hand at art and maybe even entering Art is Ageless at some point down the line, she has a simple piece of advice.

“Express yourself and enjoy what you’re doing,” said Peggy. “Try it out—it’s a neat little gathering of artists.”

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