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Hladik looks back

Change. In Dorothy Hladik’s 26 years at the Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor, she’s seen a lot of it. From how staff members do their jobs, to how the residents live their lives, little has remained the same during her time on the job. However, it’s that constant state of flux that Dorothy has learned to relish the most.

“I used to hate change when I was younger, but now I’ve gotten to the point where I look forward to it,” said Dorothy. “I don’t know if it means I’ve been here long enough or if I’m just getting old.”

One of the areas Dorothy has noticed the most change is in the community’s use of technology—especially within the medical records department where she has spent the vast majority of her tenure.

“We used to print all our doctor’s orders out on those old printers with the holes on the sides, now it’s all computerized and we’re moving to electronic records,” said Dorothy. “Soon, instead of printing out paper medication and treatment sheets we’ll have all of that electronic as well.”

From additional nurses to a full-time transportation aide, an overall increase in the size of the community’s staff has also been a welcome change.

“When I first started here, I drove a little Volkswagen Beetle and actually took a patient to see a doctor in that thing, so the addition of a transportation aide has been a particular blessing,” said Dorothy.

On the resident side, Dorothy notes the significant amount of remodeling the community has undergone—specifically in the lobby—and an overall change in culture.

“Today’s residents just have a lot more choices of when they want to eat, bathe and sleep,” said Dorothy. “They now have menus to order off, giving them even more freedom.”

It’s that emphasis on creating a warm, homelike atmosphere that Dorothy believes is the main reason why she—and several of her coworkers—have brought their own family members to live in the community.

“It just makes you feel good to know that we are a place we bring our own families,” said Dorothy.

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