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Dorothy Hladik’s secret to longevity

Medical Records Coordinator Dorothy Hladik has been a mainstay at Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor for more than 28 years.

Her secret? She just really likes what she does.

“I love my job. Paperwork is something that I enjoy doing, and I like knowing that I am helping our residents and my coworkers,” said Dorothy.

But beyond the endless joys of paperwork, Dorothy also credits the people she works with for making the community a place she wants to come back to each and every day.

“We have a strong team that works well together, and this is a safe and comfortable place to be employed,” said Dorothy.

It’s that comradery that makes the past 28 years for Dorothy seem less like a job and more like a privilege.

“Our team really keeps me going; we have a lot of fun here, and when COVID restrictions are lifted we can have even more activities for the staff and residents,” said Dorothy.

Beyond the additional activities, Dorothy is looking forward to putting the pandemic behind us so residents can finally reunite with their loved ones.

“Being around family just brings joy to everyone and I know our residents are looking forward to it,” said Dorothy.

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