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Daughters continue to honor mother’s memory, thank community staff

Jean Hastings, Ann Hastings and Barbara Cavallaro continue to celebrate Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor in honor of their late mother Edith Marlow. Barbara said, “the staff was so amazing at taking care of our mother and because of that the Manor will be in our hearts for the rest of our lives.”  

For the past two years since Edith’s passing, her daughters send treats for the staff during the month of their mother’s birthday.

“No one ever made her feel like a bother because they treat everyone with dignity and respect,” said Barbara.

When asked about why her mother and family enjoyed Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor, Barbara stated that they appreciated that their mother continued to live the way she wanted to because the Manor was able to accommodate her needs.

“She loved to garden and was able to plant on the patio, and she would never miss her Saturday pizza parties with her friends on the fifth floor that was nicknamed the ‘frat house,’” said Barbara.

Edith was able to have things just the way she wanted, and she was so happy to be there says Cavallaro.

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