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Boone reflects on change, sense of community

In her 18-plus years at the community, Cammy Boone has experienced a lot—a lot of change and a lot of close, personal bonds.

As the director of nursing/healthcare services, some of the biggest changes she has been a part of have been the community’s switch to more and more electronic systems and processes and the overall evolution of its culture.

“Everything is so much more person-centered now instead of being scheduled,” said Cammy. “Everything is resident-based. Less institutional, more personal. Not everybody needs or wants the same thing and residents are now given what they need and want specifically.”

Beyond the procedural and cultural changes, Cammy has also been on the job during several major construction projects.

“They did a remodel several years back where they took out the nurse’s station and completely remodeled and updated the entire healthcare unit,” said Cammy. “That was one of the biggest physical changes I’ve been a part of.”

But despite all of the changes, Cammy points out that the communal spirit of Ark City Presbyterian Manor has remained.

“I have always loved the family-like atmosphere and the way bonds are created between co-workers, staff and families, and staff and residents,” said Cammy. “It’s just one big community.”

Adding to that family atmosphere is the fact that Cammy’s own grandparents are residents at the community.

Away from work, Cammy enjoys fishing, reading and cooking—especially chocolate chip cookies and French dip sandwiches. She has been married to her husband, Justin, for 19 years and has two daughters and a soon-to-be one-year-old granddaughter.

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