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McCoy’s career and Presbyterian Manor have seen numerous changes

When Julie McCoy joined the Ark City community in the spring of 1998, she was a PRN filling in for members of the dining services staff who were out on vacation. While she would eventually go on to become a full-time member of the dining staff, fate would one day intervene and put her on a new career path.

“Out of the blue, the lady who ran the dining department said she needed an assistant and asked me if I wanted to go to school to get my certification and I just said OK,” said Julie. “I think they liked me because I came in and did my job and made sure the residents had whatever they needed. Plus, I was very soft-spoken and didn’t complain a lot—which they thought were good traits in a supervisor.”

With PMMA covering the cost of tuition, Julie went back to school—receiving her certification in 2001—and served as the assistant director for a number of years before eventually being promoted to director.

In the years that have passed, Julie has been at the forefront of numerous changes in the department—most notably the dramatic increase in the number of food choices available to residents—moving from “special of the day” and one alternate item when she started to the full menu residents enjoy today.

“We’ve just tried to provide more choices to make it feel more like home and less like an institution,” said Julie. “To be honest, it makes my job a lot easier. The variety just seems to make everybody a lot happier.”

And making others happy, is what makes Julie happy.

“I really enjoy our residents. They make my day, every single day,” said Julie. “I enjoy my wonderful staff and just making everybody happy. I’m a people pleaser.”

Adding to Julie’s happiness is the people she gets to work with, whom she credits with creating the team atmosphere that makes PMMA such a great place to work.

“Everybody works really well together and that makes your job easier,” said Julie. “It makes you want to get up and come to work every day.”

Away from the community, Julie is a mother of two grown boys and enjoys spending what little free time she has with her nine-year-old grandson, Cameron, and watching her beloved Dallas Cowboys on TV.

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