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Wedding gift from the bride and groom

When Eva could not make it to her granddaughter’s wedding, her granddaughter decided to bring it to her.

Brianna Heiberger and her fiancé Ngoc Thai Son wanted to make sure that Eva at least got to see Brianna in her wedding dress. Eva’s family collaborated with Presbyterian Manor staff to surprise Eva.

On October 14, Eva’s family snuck into a common area at the Presbyterian Manor while staff distracted her. At the same time, Brianna was getting in her wedding dress, having her hair and makeup done and preparing to surprise Eva.

As Eva walked into the common area, she was surprised to see her family waiting for her and then even more surprised to see her granddaughter and grandson-in-law walk around the corner.

“What a celebration!” Eva said as she saw Brianna.

It was a beautiful moment, and we are so thankful that Eva’s family decided to share it with us.

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