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Volunteer Spotlight: Dennis Voth

Since relocating to the area more than 10 years ago to become a pastor at Central Christian Church, Dennis Voth has been a regular face around Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor where he volunteers his time visiting residents and leading Bible study.

“I really got involved with the Manor as soon as I got here,” said Dennis. “I started visiting folks at the Manor because I had parishioners there and when we were able to, before COVID-19, our elders would take communion there on Sundays.”

In addition to leading Bible study, Dennis also assists with the community’s annual “Celebration of Life.”

“It’s kind of a memorial service for all the families to come and recognize the ones who have died at the Manor,” said Dennis. “I provide a scripture and prayer and the Manor provides candles or lanterns—it’s a pretty neat event. I enjoy that and appreciate the Manor putting that on.”

When asked what he enjoys most about volunteering here, Dennis is quick to respond, “the people.”  

“Some of the residents have some really neat stories—how they’ve lived their lives, what they’ve done,” said Dennis, “I grew up in agriculture, so talking with some of the folks who have been on farms and learning how they established connections, how they worked on the farm—just to hear their stories about how they grew up and the times they lived in. It’s just interesting to me—that history of their lives.”

During his time at Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor, Dennis says he’s been impressed with the quality of the living spaces at the community—especially in its memory care neighborhood.

“I came from Illinois and my dad was in a memory care unit there. Basically, he was in there with eight other guys in one room,” said Dennis. “When I got to the Manor and saw they had single, individual rooms, I was blown away. I wish I would’ve brought my dad here—it’s just so much nicer.”

Dennis also has high praise for the community’s staff, who he has found to be both caring and trustworthy.

“They’ve always been open, honest and transparent with everything that’s going on,” said Dennis. “They have a good staff out there—all the way down to the nurse’s aides that help. Just good people out there, real good.”

For more information about how you can become a volunteer at Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor, contact Brandi Barrett at or Stacy Pike at; 620-442-8700.

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