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Twilighters appearances continue to delight residents, performers

Local singing group, the Twilighters, has been dazzling residents at Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor with beautiful melodies and choreographed dance moves for more than 20 years. If members of the community have it their way, the performances won’t stop anytime soon.

“It is really special that the Twilighters have been coming back year after year to bring smiles to our residents’ faces—they really look forward to each and every performance,” said Brandi Barrett, life enrichment and social worker at Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor.

It sounds like the group just might enjoy their performances at the community almost as much as their audience does.

“We really enjoy being able to put on a show for the residents,” said Debby Holman, a singer with the group.

“Performing at the Manor is wonderful because they have a great piano, the people sing along and the residents really enjoy it,” said Twilighters Director Jane Osburn.

The Twilighters are made up of 16 singers and a pianist who volunteer their time to perform for senior communities from September to December each year.

If you’re interested in volunteering at Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor, contact Brandi Barrett at 620-442-8700 or

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