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Residents share perks of assisted living

Mary Martin

For some, making the move to assisted living signals the loss of independence. But for residents of Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor, assisted living means increased peace of mind, an improved quality of life and a slew of additional amenities—all while still maintaining their own independence.

"I am very independent, but sometimes I need a little help,” said assisted living resident Mary Martin. “I like Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor because I am still able to have my freedoms and make my own choices as if I were in the independent level of care—I just get that extra assistance if I need it.”

Kathleen Walker

For resident Kathleen Walker, moving into assisted living at Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor meant both a boost in her social life and an increased sense of security.

“I lived in the country and was away from everyone. I like that now I can see my friends and have assistance whenever I need it,” said Kathleen.

Dorothy Decker, who has been a resident at Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor since 2015 and has been in assisted living since 2019, says she also enjoys the social interaction she gets from living within the community.

Dorothy Decker

"I enjoy the close bond that we have with one another. We talk about the news and have our meals together … and the food is great here; lots of options and they can make it just how you want it," said Dorothy.

Kathleen agrees.

Dick Watson

“I like the food!” said Kathleen. “We get good meals every day and it’s wonderful because I am not a cook. I also enjoy that we go on trips to different cities from time to time. I no longer drive so having them take us to see various places is great."

But while Kathleen likes the opportunity to get out and explore, assisted living resident Dick Watson likes the fact that community offers a wide variety of services just steps from his apartment.

"It is so nice to get a haircut without even leaving the building," said Dick.

In fact, thanks to all of the amenities available at Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor, it’s hard for some residents to find even one thing they don’t like about living in the community.

"What’s not to like? They handle your laundry and meals and the apartments are nice,” said Mary. “Living in assisted living just suits me, it feels like home, and I like how all the employees are always helpful.”

To learn more about assisted living at Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor, or to schedule a tour, contact Whitley Stokes at 620-442-8700 or

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