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Resident Spotlight: Fern Bryant

As we celebrate Library Appreciation Month in March, we’re putting the spotlight on resident Fern Bryant.

In June, Fern will have lived at Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor for two years.

She was an elementary school teacher for 42 years, teaching for the Stafford County school district at Luka, Preston and Pratt elementary schools.

“I really enjoyed working with the children, they were a lot of fun,” said Fern.

Fern graduated from Fort Hays State University. Before she became a teacher, she did not enjoy reading that much. But becoming a teacher made her realize how important reading is, and she decided that her students along with herself should excel at it. With her new goal in place, reading became her favorite subject to teach.

Fern’s favorite books to read are mysteries and she especially enjoys reading anything by Janet Evanovich, James Patterson and J.D. Robb (Nora Roberts).

She likes to read on her iPad the most because she can adjust the lighting and font size to make it more comfortable for herself. She also enjoys that she can download books anytime she wants for free using a library app along with her library card.

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