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Recognizing our Donors and Volunteers

Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor recognized donors and volunteers at the first annual Donor & Volunteer Event on Thursday, September 20 at Wheat State Winery. Our community’s Mission Committee and leadership team hosted the reception at the winery, inviting more than 150 donors and volunteers for a relaxing evening of food, wine and fellowship.

“These individuals are a significant part of Presbyterian Manor family and we wanted an opportunity to thank them for their contribution to our community,” said Sarah Griggs, executive director.

This is the first year that Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor has hosted an event recognizing our donors; however, for many years Presbyterian Manor has held a volunteer recognition in the spring. When planning the donor recognition event, the Mission Committee also decided to include the annual volunteer recognition event.

“The combination of the two recognitions made a lot of sense because many of the individuals who support our mission as volunteers and donors,” said Griggs.

During the event, two outstanding volunteers were recognized for their commitment to the mission and the spirit of volunteerism – greatly affecting residents, their families and the employee of Presbyterian Manor.

Pastor Dennis Voth was recognized with the Distinguished Service Award for his volunteerism working directing with the residents and staff on a weekly basis. Jan Pringle, current Dick Metz Memorial Golf tournament t committee co-chair, was recognized with the Distinguished Leadership Award for her volunteerism with the golf tournament committee for the past 14 years.

Dennis was born and raised in west central Illinois near Hannibal, Mo. He grew up on a farm, and his first job was studying dairy and swine procedures. In 2001, Dennis moved to Bartlesville, Okla., where he worked at First Christian Church and attended seminary at Phillips Theological Seminary in Tulsa. In 2011, Dennis, his wife Beverly, and their four kids moved to Arkansas City, where he was employed by Central Christian Church.

Dennis began volunteering at Presbyterian Manor shortly after he made the move to Arkansas City. Central Christian Church had many members who resided at the Presbyterian Manor in various levels of care, so it was a natural fit for him to take the ministry to them. He holds Bible study, Sunday and Thursday evening services and various other activities every week. It did not take long for him to realize that Presbyterian Manor was a special place. Having firsthand experience with Alzheimer’s in his family, Dennis is especially fond of the memory care that the community offers.

Dennis is very fond of all of the residents here. His face lights up as he thinks about all of the people he has had the pleasure of serving here, too. He said one thing about our residents is “they really know their Bibles.” They do a good job of keeping him on his toes. He recalls one resident who has trouble seeing and getting around and is one of the sweetest, kindest women he has ever met and always has many questions for him. He says he always appreciates the staff that treat the residents like their own grandparents.

“Dennis treats us as his own little congregation up here and we really appreciate it,” says one health care resident. The staff and residents both love and admire Dennis for his contributions and time that he spends volunteering at our community.

Jan Pringle: Distinguished Service

Jan Pringle moved to Arkansas City from Wellington in 1989. She has two grown children and eight grandchildren who help to keep her busy. Her husband is a retired district judge. For a time, she owned and ran Carl’s Bar B Que in Arkansas City. Jan started golfing as an adult and was able to pass her love for golfing down to her granddaughter, who golfed all through high school. One of her favorite things to do is spend time with her family and friends on the golf course.

In 2004, Richard Venus, a golf tournament committee member, asked Jan to join. Jan’s passion for helping others and love for golf were big contributors to him asking her to help with the tournament that the community hosts. After seven years on the committee and planning the event, she became the co-chair of the committee. A few years later, she became the chairman of the committee. After so many years of helping and planning the event, she says it kind of runs like clockwork, which really allows her to enjoy the day and spend time with the other members of the committee and staff who have become close friends.

Jan has enjoyed every minute of the time she has spent on the committee. She feels honored to be able to help with the Karl Faidley memorial ball drop each year. She loves seeing Karl’s wife and kids participate in the ball drop and it means a lot to her to be able to honor his memory in such a way. Jan feels that volunteering is always a worthwhile thing to do and she is happy she found a way to volunteer and help people while growing her love for the sport as well.

“Jan is a tremendous asset to the golf tournament committee,” said Sarah Griggs, executive director. “She has a vast knowledge of fundraising along with golf tournaments and a compassionate heart. When I was promoted as the executive director in 2005, I knew nothing about golf or golf tournaments. Jan was one of the committee members that showed me patience while teaching me the ins and outs. I appreciated her then and now as we work alongside each other.”

Jan’s hard work and contributions to our annual golf tournament have helped to raise tens of thousands of dollars to assist with providing a high level of care to our residents. She is truly appreciated, and we look forward to working with her for many more years.

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