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New resident spotlight: Ken Volkland

In June, Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor welcomed a new face to its independent living community: Ken Volkland.

Ken, who grew up in Arkansas City before moving away to start his career and serve in the military during Vietnam, returned to town recently and decided to make the move to Presbyterian Manor following the death of his wife, Ida.

Ken’s decision to move to Presbyterian Manor was a relatively easy one. His mother and stepfather were residents at the community from 2011 through 2015 so he already knew, and was very comfortable with, the surroundings.

“After my experience with my folks being here, I’ve had it in my mind as a long-range plan,” said Ken. “I’m very familiar with this place. Some of the people that were here with my parents are still here and I have developed a friendship with those people.”

But it was the community’s continuum of care that really sealed the deal for Ken.

“Quite honestly, nobody knows what the future brings—I basically chose it for that reason and the ability to start out in independent living. If reasons come up that I need to have to more assistance, it’s available, all the way to full health care,” said Ken.

So far, Ken—who’s a self-confessed “food guy”—has been enjoying the home cooking he’s been getting at the community, but he says he’s also decided to take advantage of some of the community’s other amenities in order to improve his overall health.

“I’m a rather sizeable person so it’s definitely a fact that I like food,” said Ken. “I’m trying to put this move into this community to good use and trying to improve my lifestyle—health and so forth.”

As part of that plan, Ken intends to get out and do more walking and exercise, which he hopes will also get him out of his shell a little bit and become more active socially as well.

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