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New hairdressers adding joy and style to Presbyterian Manor

The beauty shop on campus may not be the hangout it was before the pandemic, but the doors are open and there are two new hairdressers providing friendly conversation and fresh new hair styles.

“It’s one person in, one person out, so it’s more one on one rather than having several in the salon to interact with each other. The other hairdresser and I rotate days since we can’t be there at the same time, too,” said Sally Goosey, hairdresser.

Wanda Musson and her husband, Jim

Sally and Wanda Musson both had their first day in the beauty shop in late July, but it’s not the first time they’ve worked together. When they’re not working in our community’s salon, the two work at Sandy’s Beauty Shop in Ark City where they’re been working together for around 12 years.

“We met at Sandy’s Beauty Shop, but I had heard Wanda’s name for years,” said Sally.

Wanda added, “We’ve been friends for a long time.”

Wanda has also been a hairdresser for a long time – 50 years!

“I always liked doing hair when I was in high school. I got into it, really liked it and did it ever since,” said Wanda.

Left to right: Jessica Goosey, Bernice Rush, Amanda Dorrell and Sally Goosey

Sally’s interest in being a hairdresser came a little later. “My sister-in-law wanted to go to beauty school and didn’t want to go by herself. I had already graduated with my associate degree and didn’t have a job. I thought, ‘I’m not doing anything else,’ so I went to beauty school with her.”

Both women had the same reason for working in our beauty shop: the residents.

“I love seniors. They have a special place in my heart. I’m happy they can get their hair done. They’re so excited and just love it,” said Wanda.

Sally added, “I enjoy the ladies and hearing the stories they tell. They are all so excited to see us. The staff are so nice and very considerate. When I walk in, you just feel like you’re part of the group. They make you feel very welcome and at ease.”

Welcome to the team, Wanda and Sally!

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