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Mission Committee members answer calling, give back

For Jan Spangler and Margaret Wahlborg, the Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor Mission Committee offers a unique opportunity to serve while paying gratitude to an organization that has played an important role in the lives of many within the community.

“I’ve been involved with the Manor ever since it was started—back when I was just an individual church member who supported its mission,” said Jan. “I was raised with a mother and a father who did quite a bit of volunteer work along with their job, so it is in my DNA, and I raised my daughter to be the same way.”

The Mission Committee focuses on enhancing the overall mission of PMMA through volunteer activity and philanthropy. The committee is comprised of volunteers who assist with community events and fundraising activities.

Mission Committee members Jan Spangler (left) and Margaret Wahlborg (right)

It is a wide set of responsibilities, but for members like Jan, that’s just how they like it.

“I’ve just always supported the Manor and have been available for whatever they needed,” said Jan. “It’s just something I enjoy doing, so I do it.”

As the retired marketing director for the community—and someone who has worked in PMMA’s corporate offices—Margaret Wahlborg’s motivation to be a part of the committee is a little more personal.

“For me, since I worked there, it’s a way to say thank you for everything the Manor has meant to me,” said Margaret.

In addition to serving on the committee, Margaret also contributes to PMMA’s Good Samaritan program which provides assistance to residents who have outlived their financial resources.

“I started donating when I started working there,” said Margaret. “A person can’t determine how long they’re going to live and what resources they’ll have to come by, so I think it’s just a great cause.”

While they don’t do it for the recognition, selfless contributions of people like Jan and Margaret do not go unnoticed by those within the community.

"These two ladies—as well as all of the mission committee members—are invaluable resources for our community,” said Executive Director Sarah Griggs. “They both show exemplary commitment to our mission and those that we serve."

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