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Making the adjustment to campus life

By Rev. Bill Bowles, chaplain, Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor

One soon discovers that the retirement life at Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor requires personal adjustments.

Our fellowship naturally challenges us because we come from numerous places and family experiences. We also come from varied vocational and geographical backgrounds in other states and cities, as well as a range of church and educational experiences.

These life experiences can lead us to making new friends. These experiences may mean we share multiple personal, health or inspirational challenges that affect our emotions and our ways of thinking. Curiosity abounds.Interactions with residents, friends and staff will make for interesting conversations.Here are a few lines from a poem that are worthy of personal meditation and prayer.

“I ask for daily strengthDear Lord and Savior, thatI be faithful and true,To use my mind and blessingsIn everything I will do, alwaysRejoicing in your constant grace,Grateful for your everlasting care. Amen.”

Poem by William Edward Bowles

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