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Living water

By Wayne Rector, resident

Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor

On our way over to Dexter, when I was young, my mother would always stop at the farm where she was raised and get a drink of water from the well her father had dug years ago. “Papa’s well,” she would call it.

In the book of John, chapter 4, the woman at the well asked Jesus if he was greater than her ancestor, Jacob, who had dug the well she was preparing to draw water from. Jesus told her about a different kind of water, “living water,” which only he could give; and those who drank of this water would never thirst again. Jesus was speaking of the Holy Spirit, which believers would receive upon accepting Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Those receiving this gift find their feet no longer trudge down the road that leads to death and destruction, but find themselves on a joyful path that leads to life and heaven thereafter. Old ways and unbecoming desires become history. New interests and new goals in life characterize their life style.

Let us pray. Our gracious heavenly Father, we give you praise, honor and glory. Our heartfelt thanks to you for this most excellent gift to be our constant companion and friend. To be with us at every moment and stage of our lives.

In Jesus name, Amen.

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