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Living in hope

By Wayne Rector, resident

Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor

I like dogs, and where we used to live our next door neighbor had three dogs which were kept in a pen. With their owners permission I was privileged to come over to per them and give them a treat occasionally.

When the dogs saw me outside their eyes were on me alertly, wondering is this the day that Wayne would come over to see them. And when I started over to the pen, the neighborhood was filled with sounds of their joyful anticipation. They lived in hope of that day.

We as followers of Christ, live in the hope and assurance of our salvation, and in anticipation of our heavenly reward as we live by faith and seek to do God’s will.

When we meditate on the goodness of God, and on all that he had for us for our salvation.

For the many answers to our prayers, it gives us a feeling of great exhilaration, a sort of “jumping for joy” type of feeling that makes us want to praise his Holy name, and do charitable things in his name.

Each hope can be seen as a prayer.

We hope and pray for God’s peace in a fragile world.

We hope and pray for those needing Christ as Savior and Lord that he will be found by them.

God bless.

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