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Leyvas share love of work, each other

High school sweethearts Gabby and Carlos Leyva have been married for 21 years. While that’s an impressive feat in its own right, the two have also been working together at Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor as certified medical assistants for the past four years.

While the couple’s love for each other has definitely played a role in the length of their tenure at the community, it also helps that they each really love their jobs.

“My job is one of those jobs where you don’t mind being at work,” said Gabby. “Our residents are the ones that bring me back to work every day—along with our family members and our co-workers.”

Carlos also attributes his longevity to the friendship and support of this co-workers along with the pride involved in the work itself.

“It was not hard for me to decide that I wanted to stay working in this field. At times it was challenging, but those challenges turned out to be the best lessons I could have ever learned or experienced,” said Carlos. “This field has helped me become a better, stronger, wiser family man, and I am proud to be helping with our mission here at the Presbyterian Manor.”

While the past year has definitely been a challenge due to COVID-19, the couple sees a light at the end of the tunnel and are anxiously awaiting a return to normal.

“I look forward to our residents and their families to be able to unite together again,” said Carlos.

For those married or single also looking toward a career at the community, Gabby has a little piece of encouragement.

“I would definitely recommend anyone that’s interested to come and work at PMMA, it’s a wonderful place, we have great residents and staff and when you get a job here you become part of a great family as well,” said Gabby.

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