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JoAnn Newman remembered for her kindness and generosity

By Sarah Griggs, Executive Director

It’s no secret that JoAnn Newman loved her community. JoAnn’s passion for arts, education and church was inspiring. Since her passing, she has left an indelible footprint in Cowley County and Arkansas City.  

Proudly, Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor is among the many charities JoAnn touched.

“We are honored to have JoAnn as a resident, but to know she remembered us in her estate plans is extraordinary,” says Sarah Griggs, executive director. “When I remember JoAnn and how much she cared about her community, it reminds me of a pie. She made sure there were enough slices to support the many charities that had a special place in her heart.”

Before moving to Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor, JoAnn joined in at Presbyterian Manor events including the annual Valentine dance. She and good friend Lowell Smith would dance the night away. (Lowell is pictured above to the right of Sarah Griggs, executive director, and Otis Morrow, executor of JoAnn's estate & friend.)

Friend Margaret Wahlborg remembers JoAnn, “she was such a sweet person, a joy to be around. She was always kind and generous.”  

JoAnn was special and her commitment to share so many slices of her estate with so many organizations illustrates her careful planning and desire to make a difference.

We talk to many supporters of Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor who worry that leaving a gift in their will to Presbyterian Manor may jeopardize their family’s well-being. The pie analogy comes in handy. You dictate the serving sizes. You can ensure that your loved ones get the biggest portion of your estate. You can also make sure your family gets served first.

Here is how:

Instead of a fixed amount, consider leaving Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor a percentage of your estate or of specific assets. That way, your charitable gift will adjust according to future circumstances, and gifts to loved ones will remain proportional—no matter how your estate fluctuates. Here are two ways to do it:

1. Gift a percentage of your estate to ACPM in your will.

2. Leave ACPM a percentage of your residual estate (the portion of your estate that remains after all gifts and bequests have been made and all claims of the estate are satisfied).

The great thing about gifts from your will is that they are flexible: You can change your mind at any time. Just know that whatever you settle on, a gift to ACPM does not have to be large—every slice makes a difference.

Save a slice for Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor.

Even a small piece of your estate makes an impact. Contact Sarah Oenning at 316-652-6222 or to learn more about supporting Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor while serving family first.

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