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Health Care residents share benefits of community living

Neva Bahruth

For Dorothy Faidley and Neva Bahruth, the health care neighborhood at Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor was the logical choice when it became apparent that they needed more assistance in their day-to-day lives. Each has found their living arrangements within the health care center to be even better than they imagined.

Dorothy, who has been a resident since 2018, was already very familiar with the Presbyterian Manor community having served on the golf committee and as a donor to the Good Samaritan Program, but it was only as a full-time resident that she was able to really appreciate the services it provided.

Dorothy Faidley

“There is always someone available to give care when needed. There are some necessities of life that I need some assistance with and they are always able to provide that help,” said Dorothy.

When Neva moved in almost 20 years ago, she was also familiar enough with the community that making the decision to become a resident was essentially a no-brainer.

“I did not have any questions when I decided to come to the Presbyterian Manor,” said Neva. “I knew I was needing more assistance and that I wanted a place that would provide good care. That is what you get when you come here.”

Now 101, Neva continues to find enjoyment living in the community and wishes others knew more about what it has to offer.

“I do not think people realize how good the food is here and how good the care is here; the staff are so encouraging and really want you to live well,” said Neva.

Dorothy says that she also enjoys the amenities provided by the community along with the continuum of care offered by its staff.

“I like that we have varying activities that change weekly that you get to choose if you want to be a part of,” said Dorothy. “They have physical, mental and spiritual care here—you can get stronger in physical therapy, you can read and do crosswords and you can do Bible study—lots of options.”

To learn more about health care at Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor, or to schedule a tour, contact Whitley Stokes at 620-442-8700 or

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