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Expressing your faith

By Bill Bowles

Here is something for each of our own understanding! What a privilege this is in our own society and nation! Granted, we may almost take this freedom as a commonplace everyday experience. When we speak to one another and trust others to believe what we are saying, we expect a very high courtesy, even if we may say, “Pardon me, perhaps I should have described that another way. I hope you understand.”

Then we go on and finish our story or opinion. What a trustful experience, to share our views and listen or read another person's opinions!

Only a gray hazy atmosphere arises when we doubt what others may say and we bluntly respond “Are you sure of that?” or perhaps more forcefully declare, “That's not the way I heard it” or “I beg your pardon that's not the way I would describe it.”

Even sometimes in public court hearings lawyers may present their clients and ask them to tell the other side of the story as to what they believe happened. Very probably, this is one of the greatest blessings of living in a free society such as the USA.

More than just an offhand observation, we as Christians may rejoice in reading in our Holy Bible. We notice again and again in the sentences, paragraphs and chapters how worthily the reports of the Hebrew writing the Old Testament and the Greek New Testament chapters offer useful declarations of Faith, courage, and events that interpret many things we have read in previous books and chapters of our Holy Bible.

This may be because believers in God The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit return again and again to these deeply human ethical and spiritual events and hopes for our lives in modern times.

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