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Construction & Renovation Beginning

Just in time for our 40th Anniversary celebration, Presbyterian Manor has been blessed.

Presbyterian Manors Inc. had the opportunity to repurpose some bond money, and some of the funds are being directed to Ark City for renovation. We have started or will be starting three projects in the very near future.

The first project is a renovation of the third floor hallways and activity space. The final look of the third floor will be similar to the fourth floor. The renovation will include updating the walls with paint and protective wall board on the lower half, flooring, furniture and updated lighting. This project will take a couple of months.

The next project will be constructing a new canopy over the front entrance of the tower. We will be replacing the existing metal awning with a canopy that will cover the drive to allow coverage in and out of vehicles during bad weather. We also will replace the existing front entry doors. New landscaping will complete the project. This project will take approximately 3 months, and we will be utilizing the south entrance to enter the building during this time.

The final project will involve resurfacing the south parking lot. We will be scraping the existing south parking lot and then resurfacing. We also will attempt to fix the drainage issue that we have at the end of the south entrance.

“We are excited to begin these projects and move forward with updating areas in building,” said Sarah Griggs, executive director. “These projects are well overdue, and the residents are excited for the outcome.”

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