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Bill Bowles Challenge: Let yourself be surprised from time to time

This little story may remind you of someone you have met on your life journey. There is a twist to it though.

When moving up from grade school to junior high school, we often meet a new group of friends. So, I want to warn you about a fellow named “Hard Head Smith.” For a while, most of us were not worried about “Hard Head Smith,” until one day on the playground when I was learning to play soccer.

One of our new friends was a champion on the field, when the big ball came in the air right to him. Now, before it hit the ground, ol’ “Hard Head Smith” and his hard head aimed right at it and boy did it fly right back in the air and into the goal. Our team was right there and when it flew, we were all amazed and you could see how stunned the other team was. We all saw the spectacular flight of a soccer ball hitting a target right where “Hard Head Smith” aimed it. That was the greatest, most surprising moment in soccer I have ever experienced.

Some of our early meetings of persons may very quickly turn into new friendships. Isn't it interesting? With patience and understanding, even some new people we meet on our life journey will inspire us to think: “Well, praise the Lord!” Over time, we may expand our views of this big world and how we, too, may find ways for ourselves and others to raise our challenge higher than we ever thought of before.

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