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Bible study group a learning experience for all involved

Back in 2020, a small group led by community volunteers Mother Kathy Swain and Trish McMains began meeting at Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor to discuss—and study—the Bible.

However, just as soon as it got started, COVID-19 shut it down.

Recently, with transmission rates trending down and social distancing restrictions lifted, the group has reformed.

“As soon as things opened back up, we were really, really excited and we started as soon as we could,” said Mother Kathy.

While Mother Kathy is technically the leader of the group, she is quick to point out that it is really much more of a collaborative learning exercise.

“It’s a reading and study group—I’m not teaching, we’re all learning together. We’re also laughing together, and sometimes we’re sharing some harder experiences, but it’s just a very friendly, loving, affirming group,” said Mother Kathy.

Currently, the group is meeting to discuss The Book of Acts, which many had not studied previously.

“We read a scripture from Acts, followed by a commentary on it and then we discuss it— sharing our questions and discussing insights or ‘aha’ moments,” said Mother Kathy.

Those that form the group come from a variety of backgrounds, but with one common goal—to obtain a greater understanding of the words of God.

“The people who are participating have different faiths and life experiences and we come together and study for the love of Christ. It’s wonderful,” said Mother Kathy.

The group typically meets once a week at 1:30 p.m. on Tuesdays and includes up to 8 or 9 residents, however, Mother Kathy said that regular participation is not required.

“If you miss a week or two, it’s ok, just come on and come back in,” said Mother Kathy.

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