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Activities abound at Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor

At Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor, we are always looking for new events and activities for our residents to participate in.

Staying active and social is one of the keys to living longer healthier lives. We believe that when a person moves in to the Presbyterian Manor, they are moving here to thrive, and we want to make sure we are supporting that by providing as many opportunities as we can for them to engage with others socially and have some fun.

Check out the photos for some highlights of the fun our residents have had. For example, left are snapshots from the dog show where residents saw several different breeds of dogs in costumes, from cowboys to mermaids.

Sometimes the residents just want to go for a drive and see the countryside while enjoying great company and good music. Pictured at the very top of this post, top left corner, left to right are Harley Wood, Gwen Spillman, LaVona Morrison, Betty Harris, Leta Sherwood and Denese Lineback.

To commemorate the raising of our flag after it had been taken down for the front entry construction, we invited residents and staff to be the first to walk through our new entryway and watch while two of our residents, who are veterans, raised the flag for us. Shown above, bottom middle, attaching the flag for raising it are Nolan Wineinger, Sarah Griggs and Shannon Stowell.

And it’s not just about going places or seeing interesting things. Our residents also enjoy doing things they enjoyed before, like planting and tending strawberries in our raised bed garden. Above, bottom right, from left to right are Cecilia Nelson, Tresia Streeter, Chuck Carver, Lila Teufel (obscured) and Leta Sherwood planting strawberries. Chuck Carver, shown above, bottom left, enjoyed watering the strawberries when the planting was done.

Shown above, left, for the International Day of Prayer, we bring together as many residents and staff as we can and have a group prayer led by Director of Social Services Joyce Kisner.

Also shown above, right, for St. Patrick’s Day, we had a party and answered St Patrick’s Day trivia, enjoyed themed snacks and played many games.

When our annual survey came back with zero deficiencies, we celebrated with staff and residents with an ice cream sundae social on our healthcare patio.

Art is Ageless is an annual art competition that we put on as an opportunity for our residents and community members to show off their artistic talents. This year’s winners are, shown above, back row, Marjorie Swaim, Dr. Steve Swaim, LaVona Morrison, Debbie Eastman and Jean Swanson and front row, Virginia McConnell and Lila Teufel.

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