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A Team of Excellence

The long-term care industry is heavily regulated by not only the state of Kansas, but also the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Nursing Home regulations were established long before Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor came into existence in 1978.

The community layout and policies were designed to adhere to the regulations at the time it was built, and adjustments have been made to accommodate the changes in regulations.

These regulations, which number in the hundreds, are designed to ensure a standard of care is met. By meeting this standard, senior living communities are able to renew their licenses and continue to provide care.

The state of Kansas must survey each health care center every 8 to 16 months.

There are 17 major areas assessed, which include quality of care and physical environment. The surveyors look at every aspect of a resident’s life, from dietary choices, to dental care; from frequency of physician visits to ease of access to their mail.

If the state surveyors note a concern, they will give the community a citation. The average number of citations that homes receive in the United States is 5.5 and 7.7 citations in the state of Kansas.

Our relationship with CMS is a great one. They provide us with the knowledge of many programs aimed to improve the health and wellness of our residents. They are a trusted source of information, who help explain complex requirements, teach about new certifications, and ensure all senior care facilities are living up to the expectations that are required to provide high levels of care to seniors.

“CMS is committed to ensuring senior living residents are safe and receive quality care,” said CMS Administrator Seema Verma. “We are pleased to offer nursing home staff practical tools and assistance to improve resident care and positively impact the lives of individuals in our nation’s senior care facilities.”

The team is very proud to say that they received five “zero deficiency” surveys in the past 15 years. These excellent results are a reflection on the care that is not only observed by the surveyors but the care the team provides the residents every day. The team is taught that the residents are the true judges of the care that the community provides and that the community is actually being surveyed each and every day by the people who live here.

Arkansas City Presbyterian Manor is blessed to have a team of excellence, and our survey results speak to the excellent team and the excellent care given to the residents who reside there. The average number of citations that the community has received during a survey over the past 20 years is far less than the national and state averages.

PHOTO: These plaques were made from the shirts Presbyterian Manor purchased as a celebration for being deficiency free. They were made by Executive Director Sarah Griggs, who displays them proudly in her office for all to see.

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